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Dog Boarding

We believe in a stress-free, safe, fun and clean dog boarding environment.

Dog Boarding

Our facility has been designed with your dog’s needs in mind. Our climate controlled suites feature a resin floor coating to provide your dog with that at-home feeling. The state-of-the-art ventilation system provides frequent air exchanges to keep your dog comfortable throughout the year.

At Companions, we have 17 acres of wooded trails for a natural outdoor walking experience for your dog. Our large and secure outdoor play areas provide plenty of space for your dog to run. We also offer an indoor lounge that can be utilized during unfavorable weather, or for those who prefer a more indoor experience.

Most importantly, we want your dog to be happy, so we cater to his/her individual needs. Our play groups are based on the size and personality of each dog in the group, so all of our furry guests have fun! Whether your dog is a bit shy and would prefer human companionship or your dog is a social butterfly and loves to be part of the pack, Companions is the place to be.

Dog boarding includes a spacious, bright, private suite with a raised bed. Your dog(s) will enjoy one trail walk daily, plus unlimited supervised play (group or individual). We go out rain or shine but play time can also be held indoors if needed for those that prefer it.


$46.00 each 24 hour period 1 dog

$80.00 each 24 hour period 2 dogs sharing a suite

$107.00 each 24 hour period 3 dogs sharing a suite

$22.00 Extended Day Fee (>24 hour period)


$20.00 Nail Trim (dog)

$30.00 – $40.00 Bath (small dog)

$40.00 – $55.00 Bath (medium dog)

$55.00 – $70.00 Bath (large dog)

$60.00 – $85.00 Bath (giant dog)

* All prices plus HST *

Vaccination Requirements

All dogs require DA2PPv (Distemper / Adenovirus (hepatitis) / Parainfluenza / Parvovirus), Rabies and Bordetella.

Leptospirosis is recommended but not mandatory.

All vaccines should be given at least 14 days prior to your dog’s stay at Companions to provide adequate protection. Intranasal/Oral Bordetella may be given 4 days prior. Vaccinations given right before boarding are unlikely to provide protection, putting all the pets at risk of disease. However, if vaccinations have been given in the past, there is some carry-over immunity so vaccinations may be given in less time before boarding.

To help protect all of our furry guests, we are unable to make exceptions on vaccinations.