London, Ontario • Pet Boarding

What To Expect During Your Pet’s Stay

We look forward to seeing your furry family members! Here are a few little notes to help prepare for their stay.

We ask that all your items be labeled to help our team keep track of each pet's belongings. Painter's tape works great for this if you do not want to use permanent marker on your items.
  • You are welcome to bring bedding such as a bed, blanket or towel from home. We ask that all items be washable, especially if bringing a dog bed. All dogs will have a raised bed so you do not have to bring anything if you do not wish to. Bedding can get dirty depending on the weather.
  • For cats, ideally smaller items such as a t-shirt, towel or small blanket work best for the shelves in the cat suites.
  • We do find most pets do not play with their toys much in their suites. You are welcome to bring a toy along with your pet if you would like but please limit it to one.
We recommend you do not bring any items of high sentimental value. Although we do our best to keep track of items there is a chance something could get lost or your dog may chew it in their suite.
  • You should always bring your pet’s own food to avoid upset stomachs. All food should be labeled with their name and instructions for feeding. We do have limited cupboard, fridge and freezer space so please be considerate of this when packing and try to keep packaging as small as possible.
  • We understand that each pet has their own feeding schedule, however when caring for multiple pets we cannot accommodate all schedules. Our feeding times are approximately 6:30am, noon (lunches), 4pm and 10pm. We will do our best to accommodate special feedings within the hours of 6:30am – 10pm but cannot guarantee keeping to each pet’s exact schedule.
  • Please do not bring any bowls unless your pet needs a specific feeding item such a special feed bowl or raised feeder.
We cannot have any glass, ceramic or breakable items as they may break if dropped and be a danger to pets.
  • We post daily photos on our Facebook as we can. Taking photos and uploading them to Facebook can be very time consuming for our team. We ask that you please be patient with this. Often photos are not able to be posted until our team members have had a chance to take care of your pets and get home to take care of their own families. If you do not see your pet please do not worry that something is wrong. Photos are uploaded by multiple team members so will not all be posted at the same time. There are occasions we may miss a pet in some daily photos but that does not mean anything is wrong with your pet. Please be kind and patient with our team as our days are very very busy and we are trying our best to provide care for the pets.
  • We are happy to give you updates during your pet’s stay. Please feel free to email us to check in. Email will be the fastest way to reach us as we are not always at the phone and Facebook is not always reliable. We will not contact you unless we have any questions or issues during your pets stay.
  • Please see our cancellation policy for information on altering reservations or cancellations.
  • Payment is due when you pick your pet up. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit or E-transfer. If you wish to E-transfer, please send it to
  • We ask that you keep to our lobby hours for all drop-offs and pick-ups whenever possible. We will do our best to accommodate times outside of this however it can take time away from our guests so we ask that you please be mindful of this. Our goal is to spend as much time with our furry guests as possible.
  • Drop-off time is usually the worst part for the pets and owners. We find it best for everyone if you can make drop-off as quick as possible to help ease the transition. Our furry friends are just like kids and will cling to you if you linger or struggle to leave them. To help keep drop-offs quick we recommend having all forms handed in already, email ahead of time with any questions, have your items labeled and your note with any instructions ready to hand to a team member. Once we confirm all your pet’s
    reservations details we will take your pet with us to their suites. At this point some dogs will hesitate and look back but once parents are out of sight we have no issues and they will gladly go with us.
  • Feel free to email us later in the day to see how they settled in. It can take about 24-48 hours hours for some pets to settle in but if we are having any issues or they seem too stressed we will contact you.
  • We require the cancellation policy for any reservations. This is very similar to a hotel in that your credit card provided will hold your reservation. We require the cat intake form or dog intake form as well as the cat waiver or dog waiver before their stay and can be emailed ahead of time or brought for drop-off. We will also need your dog’s most recent vaccinations including Bordetella, Rabies and DA2PPV and FRCP and Rabies for the cats.
  • Please feel free to give us a note at drop-off with all the information we will need to care for your pet. This can include feeding instructions, medications and contact information. Since we do have many furry guests please keep notes short and to the basics. It is a good idea to let your vet know you will be away just in case we need to contact them for any reason.

These times are not exact but are a good idea of our timeline:

  • 6:30am – Morning let outs and feeding time.
  • 7:30am-3:30pm – Play groups (individual/group) rotating in and out throughout this time. Play groups vary in length depending on weather. During these hours we rotate going out to play and in for a rest. We know playtime is important and also feel rest periods are as well so dogs will not be played continuously during this time.
  • 9am-2pm – Boarding pups go for a daily walk at some point during this time.
  • 4pm – Evening feeding time.
  • 5pm-6pm – Evening let out.
  • 10pm-11pm – Final bedtime let out and tuck in.

Cats – During the day each cat is let out of their suite to spend time in the main area of the room with the cat tree. We do not socialize the cats with each other.

It can be very normal to see some changes in your pets after they return home. Even for the pets that love to come see us there can be some stress and upset to their normal routine. We have listed some of the most common things you may notice after their stay.

  • Drinking – Yes, the dogs have access to water during their stay (inside and outside). You may find your pup comes home and drinks a ton. This could be from panting on the car ride home from excitement, they may not have drank as much as usual during their stay due to excitement/distractions/stress or changes in their routine. This is all very common and we do see this often. Try not to let them gorge on water when they get home as it may cause them to get sick. If you do see this from your dog let us know for their next visit.
  • Upset Stomach – Some pups will have loose stool/diarrhea during or after their stay. This can be from stress, excitement, exercise and change in water source. Some dogs may vomit as well which can be normal too. If we are seeing vomiting/diarrhea during their stay we will contact you to discuss this further.
  • Change in Behaviour – You may notice your pet might be clingy or ignore you and both are normal. This is usually due to the change in their routine and they might be upset that you went on an adventure without them! Most will return back to normal in a day or two after they settle back into their routine.
  • Change in Diet – Some pets will not eat as well during their stay and some will actually eat better when they are in an environment with other pets. Both are normal reactions. For those that do not eat as well here you may see them go home and try to gorge on food so just be mindful. If pets are not eating during their stay we will contact you to discuss options. If you know you have a picky eater please let us know so we can discuss options before their stay.
  • Sleep – You may find your dog comes home and sleeps for days! This is a very stimulating environment with all the excitement, play, smells and sights so your dog may be off their regular sleeping routine and will need a bit of time to adjust.
  • If your pet is staying for an extended period of time we know it is tempting to want to come visit or send a friend to visit. We will accommodate this within reason however we do not recommend it. Once you have left your pet they will acclimate to the new environment and people and visits can be very disruptive to this as it is like being left all over again.
  • We go out in all weather conditions! We will be out unless the weather is too severe or unsafe. If your dog does not want to be out we will do our best to let them have some indoor playtime. You will often see photos of dogs hanging with us in the lobby answering emails and phone calls :)
  • Rain won’t stop us! On rainy days it can get a bit messy as you can likely imagine if you have even 1 dog… imagine 40 wet dogs! We do our best to clean the dogs before going home but unfortunately cannot bathe everyone. This will also mean their bedding can get dirty. If you would like to book a bath before your dog leaves please try to do this when booking or at drop-off so we can prepare our team.
  • We do not have an actual groomer on our team. We cannot give hair cuts or cut matted dogs. We can offer nail trims, basic baths/blowdry. Doodle hair can be quite tricky so depending on their hair it might be best to leave that to the professionals. If your pet is matted we will not be able to accommodate bathing. If your dog is stressed out during a nail trim we will not fight them. We want dogs to be happy here so don’t want to do anything that will stress them out. If you would like to inquire about bathing it is best to do so at the time or booking or drop-off so we can prepare our team.
  • We only do nail trims on cats, not bathing or haircuts.